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Finding the factsHey all it’s Dawn again. Today we are going to take a hard look at a disease that effects around 24 million American adults. This deadly disease is almost a house hold name and experts across the board say its prevalence is directly linked with the burning tobacco habit. Of course I am talking about COPD.

The thing is, COPD may be a house hold word but understanding what it is and how it works is not. Today I am going to break this disease down to a chew-able level, and hopefully shed some light on not only COPD, but also how burning tobacco effects it.

Please remember that I am in no way a Doctor or any other type of medical professional. This information comes from me researching and learning about subject then passing what I have learned onto my readers. If I mis-state something PLEASE let me know. I strive to only offer valid and dependable information. If you have COPD or think you may please seek medical assistance. This blog is not medical assistance.

First the definition in all it’s internet glory:

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a lung disease characterized by chronic obstruction of lung airflow that interferes with normal breathing and is not fully reversible. The more familiar terms ‘chronic bronchitis’ and ’emphysema’ are no longer used, but are now included within the COPD diagnosis.”

Alright now let’s get a little deeper. According to COPD.COM a website completely devoted to this subject COPD can be better explained like this:

COPD what is


I don’t know about you but the words chronic bronchitis are just not as scary as the words Emphysema. I always thought that COPD and Emphysema were different things, but apparently that is just not the case. The thing is that when I searched death tolls on these COPD, bronchitis and emphysema are pretty scary figures. Take a look at what had to say on the subject:


  • Number of deaths from chronic lower respiratory diseases (including asthma): 149,205
  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases (including asthma) deaths per 100,000 population: 47.2
  • Cause of death rank: 3
  • Number of bronchitis (chronic and unspecified) deaths: 664
  • Bronchitis (chronic and unspecified) deaths per 100,000 population: 0.2
  • Number of emphysema deaths: 8,284
  • Emphysema deaths per 100,000 population: 2.6
  • Number of deaths from other chronic lower respiratory diseases (excluding asthma): 136,627
  • Other chronic lower respiratory diseases (excluding asthma) deaths per 100,000 population: 43.2

Source: Deaths: Final Data for 2013, tables 9, 10, 11[PDF – 1.5 MB]

Just look at the death rank that varius forms of COPD and asthma are! They are number 3 in cause of death. That is scary. But how do you get COPD? What causes it?

To answer this question I went back to although I found pretty much the same answer on a number of pages including .gov and .org sites of good rep. The site just laid it out very clearly. This is what is thought to be the cause of COPD:

COPD What causes it image

So to make things perfectly clear that means of the 24 million people currently suffering from COPD 80% + could have prevented it by never smoking OR quitting smoking before it got to that point. That seems like a huge number of lives that could be effected by “simply” quitting smoking.

Wow, that sentence is a lot simpler to type then it is to quit, isn’t it? That’s the thing, although some can just quit, most addicted smokers would not say quitting is a simple thing at all.

Since I was already searching the internet about all this COPD related stuff I started to wonder what about cigarettes actually causes the COPD. Is it the tar? The Radon? The Arsenic? What I found is that, although not the only thing to effect it, a main cause is the Carbon Monoxide present in cigarette smoke. This is what a book called “COPD at your finger tips” has to say on the subject:

COPD At finger. displaces oxygen

Hard to believe that the smoking plague has been around more than 400 years isn’t it? smh But in it’s own way this information is really good news. We will get to that later.

In the mean time I want to touch on one last thing, the treatments for COPD.

First it is important to note that I am as far from a doctor as a person can get. If you have symptoms of or need treatments for COPD seek medical help. This blog is for information only, I am trying to be very careful with sources and keep it dependable but it is just an informative blog. Not intended to diagnosis or treat anything.

With that being said lets look at what the web has to say about treatments and such:

COPD treatments

So there you have it. The information that I could gather regarding COPD. Now let’s talk about that good news I mentioned earlier.



What’s good about the fact that Carbon Monoxide is thought to be the main culprit behind COPD? A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes cut the Carbon Monoxide out of your nicotine delivery! That’s right. When you switch to an A Clean Cigarette brand e-cig, you will not have to worry about Carbon Monoxide at all.

Of course quitting everything would be the best for your health. There is no arguing that. The truth is nothing you put into your lungs besides clean air is good for you. But is we can even curb the delivery of Carbon Monoxide alone (not even counting the other nearly 600 ingredients and 4000+ chemicals not in an e-cigarette) then millions of lives could be changed. That’s history making.

If you already have COPD it seems only logical that cutting Carbon Monoxide out of your nicotine habit is a good idea. If you can do that with patches and gum, do it. If you can’t and would like more information on electronic cigarettes as a nicotine delivery method check out our web page at There is a great new customer walk through program there to help you find the right fit. Or better yet, drop into one of our store locations to have the option to try it before you buy it with our free puffs program. This way when you buy your A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette you will know that you have the right nicotine level and flavor for your current nicotine habit.

I hope this Blog was useful today. If you have any question please feel free to drop me a line at I will always do my best to get you answers as soon as possible. Thank you so much for stopping by and i hope you have a rocking day!






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