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Hey everyone. Dawn here again,  I get a ton of questions on a regular basis in regards to E-Cigarettes. Today I would like to touch base on a few of these questions and see if I can answer them in a helpful easy to understand way. So let’s get started.


One common question is: What are E-Cigarettes. Well, I cannot speak on other brands, but here at A Clean Cigarette we describe an E-Cigarette as the 21st century’s answer to nicotine delivery. As a whole, we have been using the traditional paper and fire version of cigarettes for far too long. Wetravel_case-300x200 now have electronics that can do just about anything, why not deliver nicotine. To be more specific though, electronic cigarettes are battery-operated devices that create a mist or vapor that is inhaled instead of tar filled smoke. The rechargeable battery powers a heating element called the cartomizer/atomizer. The element uses that power to create low heat to turn the liquid in the cartridge, which contains propylene glycol, glycerin, food flavoring and nicotine, into that vapor we inhale. Our product has 2 sections plus a charger. The battery and the cartridge. The cartridge is the part you can consider your DSC_0111“cigarettes” and the battery is the “lighter”. 1 cartridge is = to a minimum of 1 pack of cigarettes, however we can show you the best way to “puff” that can increase it’s delivery amount to closer to a pack and a half worth of “puffs”.

Another common question we hear is: How long does a cartridge last? Well the puffs are equal to between a pack and a pack and a half so the “how long” thing is a person by person answer. What was your tobacco cartridges2-300x200habit like before the switch? If you’re like me, who smoked between a pack and a pack and a half, 1 cartridge should last about a full day. If you smoked a little over half a pack you can get 2+ days out of it. I hope this helps.

The next question goes hand in hand with that last one: How long does the battery last?  Well again this is a person by person answer. The simplest way to explain it is that each battery lasts for 3/4 the life of a typical cartridge. So, I go through a full cartridge a day meaning about 3/4 the way through a day I have to replace my battery. It is for this reason that our classic starter kits come with 2 batteries. I keep one on the charger and one on the cartridge at all times.

Another question we hear: Will I have to replace the batteries? Well for the first 90 days ANY replacement battery is on us. We 100% guarantee our product for 90 days. Some questions asked (so we can take a note of why it’s broken to better develop new products) and no receipt needed. Just bring it in and we will trade it out on the spot. However much like your cell chargers-300x200phone battery the older the battery gets the less of a charge it will hold. We are constantly upgrading our batteries to last longer (12 times in 5 years!) As of now though we recommend that every 6 to 8 months you stop by and purchase a new battery. A well working battery can get you a much longer life span on your cartridges so keeping them current is important.

A fair amount of customers ask this question too: Can I quit smoking with this? The answer is that it is NOT currently approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation device. There are a TON of studies and information available out there that should help the FDA come to a conclusion, but they have not. However, we do hear reports on a daily basis from our customers that, due to our walk down ability in nicotine delivery levels, they have successfully used the product as an aid on their path to burning tobacco freedom.  The nicotine levels we offer range from one equal to 0 nicotine all the way up to a nicotine level suited for non filter burning tobacco smokers. I have myself worked with a 40 year tobacco user who went from our highest offered level, to off of even our nicotine delivery system in a matter of 3 months. He is one of my personal heroes! That is a person by person choice, though. At A Clean Cigarette we are a judgement free zone. Regardless of whether you want to make the switch and NEVER walk down in levels or make the switch and work the levels to help you to a self set goal, we are here for you. Our stores are non-judgement zones.

Another question that is asked and I really think it needs to be answered is: Isn’t propylene glycol (PG), the main ingredient in A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigs in anti-freeze? Well according to the FDA, PG is considered GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for injection and inhalation. Click the dog below to find a link directly to the /gov PDF in regards to PG.Here is where you can find PG…..Whats it in

Well I hope you have found all these questions and answers helpful! If you have additional questions I WANT to hear them. Either leave a comment below OR email me at

Thank you to everyone for visiting feel free to check out our web site, to learn more or order product. We offer fast free shipping to all 50 states!





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