Cig-A-Like Terminology. (Updated)

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Hey there, it’s me, Dawn again! Thanks for stopping by!  Today we are going to chat about a few terms used often in the electronic cigarette industry. The main one we will focus on is the term Cig-a-Like. I have used this term in a few places on this blog and I think it is important that we all understand the difference between a Cig-a-like device, which is a 1st generation device vs other types of devices. I get a ton of questions on this so I will lay it out in question and answer format. I hope you get a lot out of this!

The basics:

What is a Cig-a-Like? A Cig-a-Like is an electronic cigarette specifically designed to mimic the rituals of traditional burning tobacco. Rituals such as hand to mouth, throat hit and a small puff of “smoke”. I can not talk for all other brands but here at A Clean Cigarette, our product comes in two parts.


The first section of our e-cigarette is the cartridge. They are pre-loaded with fluid. The fluid comes in nicotine levels that compare with most levels of traditional burning tobacco: non-filter, full flavor, lights and ultra lights. They are also available in a 0 nicotine level for those who just need the other rituals of smoking besides nicotine. The cartridges are disposable. If you bring them into one of our stores we will recycle them for you and pay you .5 cents each. Each cartridge is equivalent to between a pack and a pack and a half of cigarette puffs. Depending on how it is stored and how it is hit. If you have questions  about storage or how to use your A Clean Cigarette click HERE



The second section is the Ion Lithium battery. It is available in a few different styles. The style pictured here is our most popular. We do however offer both smaller and larger versions. When combined with the cartridge it will have a similar look and feel to a burning tobacco cigarette. The batteries are rechargeable using any of our available chargers.




A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes come in a convenient starter kit for new customers. The kit includes 2 batteries, 7 cartridges, and 1 charger. If you are interested in learning more click the pic!

So are Cig-a-Likes a vapor product? Yes. They are exactly the same general ingredients that you may find in other vapor products and they use the same fluid as the “juice” used in generation 2 and 3 products such as mods or hookah pens. Most vapors use a PG / VG mix and various flavorings combined with nicotine. We hear all the time that we are not exactly sure what is in the fluid, but that simply is not the case.

At least it is not the case with the A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes. I can not speak for other fluids on the market. Here at ACC we have funded multiple lab analysis on our product in an effort to know EXACTLY what we have in our fluid. Click here to see it for yourself.

How can I tell what generation a product is? There are currently 3 generations of products available on the market. 1st generation products are designed to look and feel like a traditional cigarette. They are sometimes rechargeable like ours are, sometimes they are not. They come with the nicotine fluid in pre-filled sealed cartridges so you never have to come in contact or risk a mess. Generations 2 and 3 (Tank Vapor Products) are not typically pre-filled, the fluid must be purchased separately in most cases. They may have replaceable parts that need be bought and replaced and in the case of 3rd generation devices, they can be modified to look and work in a multitude of different ways. The chart below contains more information for you.

Our Cig-a-like product comes primarily in tobacco and cigar flavors (We offer Coffee, vanilla and blueberry as well as other fruit flavors that are avalible in cigars).  Unlike some other products on the market, we are not trying to entice people to try all our crazy flavors like bubble gum or cotton candy. Some people are looking for that, but our customers tell us they are looking for an alternative to burning tobacco. So we have kept it simple and kept it Cig-A-Like.  Don’t mistake simple for outdated. Our cig-a-likes have been updated 12+ times in 6 years and we will always strive to bring you the best available cig-a-like technology.

Alright, so there you have it. I hope you better understand some of the terminology that is used here on our blog daily. If you have any questions please drop me an e-mail to Thank you for stopping in!



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