Calling it changing brands vs calling it quitting smoking.

Dawn here and it;s time again for a re-blog Friday. This blog is from back in September of 2014. Even if you have read it before it is good information to take a look at again! If it’s your first time seeing this blog then I am glad we re-blogged it! If you would share the information around that would be very appreciated!

A Clean Cigarette Blog

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hey there all Dawn here again today, I hope everyone is well! So what does it mean to work at A Clean Cigarette? Is it a typical type day in day out experiences? If not, what makes it so different? That’s a great question. The answer? A lot and not much, all at the same time.  For me the job is really less of a job and more of a way of life. We get the amazing chance to help people change their lives and we get to see their successes.

according to the American Lung association Lung cancer kills more then the next 3 leading cancers combined. According to the American Lung Association, lung cancer kills more then the next 3 leading cancers combined.

When people walk into our stores they already know that the burning tobacco is killing them.  All of us have seen the ads and herd the truth about this deadly product. Doctors and every single medical expert you will ever hear…

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