By DawnACC on 2016-07-05


Welcome to the ACC Video contest! 

In an effort to promote creativity and fun at work A Clean Cigarette leadership thought it would really fun to do a store wide video contest. Each store had a $25 budget and was asked to create a video that related in someway to A Clean Cigarette. The contest was a hit! The ideas and creativity that each location came up with are amazing. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful and creative team here at ACC. They sure had us laughing, and now it’s your turn to take a peek and tell us which video you like the best!

Your votes will decide which of these great ideas should not only win bragging rights and an award, but also be re-worked to be our next possible commercial!

A quick look at the rules:

Vote here or on FB for your favorite video!

There are 2 ways to vote:

*1) By hitting the “like” button on the video’s FB post as they are shared on FB OR

*2) By voting on here with our quick poll system.

Every vote helps the A Clean Cigarette Team members who participated in the video’s, so vote and get your friends and relatives to vote!

Voting is open from 6/5/16 to 6/12/16

Whether you are voting for your favorite team because you want to support them or because you think their video is the best, all votes count the same. So get your vote on and share them around!

Support your favorite A Clean Cigarette team!

Team Larch (Lansing) “There’s a smoker! Get em!” 

Team Elmwood (Lansing) “No Burn Zone”

Team Owosso “Rollin’ on in to ACC”

Team Burton

Team Midland “It’s a lovely day to have an e-cig”

Team Alma “Dog Gone Funny, the lighter side of humor”

Team Bay City (Yellow building) “Tommy VS Big Tobacco”

Team North Michigan (Saginaw) “OG done ACC Style”

Team Mt. Pleasant “Outa the mouths of babes”

Team Freeland “Lupe knows hot sauce”

Thank you so much for voting in our ACC Video Contest! If you have an extra couple seconds to answer a few more questions scroll down. Your vote counts on the videos even if you opt out of these other questions, but your opinion matters and we want to give you, our customers, the best service possible. Answering these questions will help us do just that!

VC Elmwood
VC Owosso
VC Alma
VC Bay City
VC N Michigan
VC Freeland



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