Bad E-Juice?! People getting sick?! What you need to know.

Hey, guys! It’s me, Dawn, again, bringing you all things e-cigarette related. As the A Clean Cigarette blogger, I have had a chance to research a lot of things in regards to electronic cigarettes, vapor products, burning tobacco and so much more. While I have learned a ton doing all this research and I have gotten to share a ton while doing all this research. None of my research prepared me for what I have learned recently since I have come to Muskegon, Mi. to start an A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette store.

You may have guessed by the title of the blog that I am talking about bad E-Juice. It seems there has been a rash of this bad e-juice here in Muskegon and that got me wondering about the rest of the area’s that A Clean Cigarette has not yet made it too. I say the area’s we have not yet made it too, not because it does not happen in the area’s we are at, but because in the Mid-Michigan and Eastern Michigan area’s we have been around so long most of our customers are coming to us to get off burning tobacco, 1st. On the other hand, here in Muskegon, many smokers have already tried a vape or vapor product to switch off of burning tobacco. That means that many of the people I talk to both in my store and out on the streets have already had an experience and unfortunately too many of those people are telling me that vapor has made them sick. Not just a little sick either, we’re talking about a gambit of side-effects from nausea/vomiting all the way to missed menstrual cycles and severe lung infections. As you can imagine, when I started to hear all these reports first hand I was like, “Holy hamsters what the hecks going on here” !?!?!

I mean how does this happen?!? Well, me being me, I just had to find out so, that led to more research. While I can not say for sure what made any single individual ill, I can now tell you guys what some of the causes may be, and what the symptoms are that need to be looked out for.

Too many ingredients in some exotic flavors

Alright, it’s not that I have a problem with vapor juices but math is math folks. If a flavor of e-juice has a ton of different ingredients to create its flavor pack than the risk of finding an ingredient that is not okay to inhale goes up. If you are vaping a flavor that’s called Sweet and Sour Surprise and its description is  “Strawberry vanilla cream with a sweet citrus and cherry finish” you are probably vaping too many ingredients.

To demonstrate let’s break just that one e-juice down just a little. First off, cherry and strawberry are not good for inhalation. In fact, the strawberry flavoring is considered the most toxic flavoring used in an e-cigarette. We do not offer strawberry and as soon as we learned there even COULD be a risk with cherry, we pulled it from our e-cigarette line. That was two years ago, so it’s not an unknown fact, which makes me question why some e-juice makers, still use these ingredients, let alone combine them with other flavors!  Click here to see for yourself Cherry & Strawberry. And they are not the only flavorings that are not good to be inhaled.

Second, we just do not know what combining these ingredients will do, or create. We do know that some of them are major risk factors for “bad” e-juice. If you are doing flavors please just remember that the more ingredients, the more likely that those ingredients will cause unintended side-effects. I would love to tell you what the symptoms or side effects may be regarding ingredients and ingredient combinations, but the fact is we just do not know yet, with millions of possible combinations it is going to take a long while before we do.  All I can say is it’s plain to see that in this case, simple is better and that’s one of the reasons why A Clean Cigarette has been keeping it simple since 2010.

Here is some research in regards to flavorings used in e-cigarette: HERE

DIY Juice sold in stores as professional e-juice (Do It Yourself ) 

Well, this one kinda says’s it all in the title. If your vapor provider “mixes his own juice” that just means the juice is homemade.  The reasons that this is a bad idea seems pretty clear to me. I myself have been in the e-cigarette business for over 4 years, many of my team members for longer, none of us are a chemist and therefore, none of us belong mixing e-juice that our customers will be inhaling into their lungs.

Does that mean all DIY e-juice is dangerous? Na, but since we can’t tell which e-juices are mixed right, and which aren’t. In my opinion, it’s probably best to stick with reputable manufacturers to purchase e-cigarettes or e-juice. You know… just in case.

Juices produced in unsanitary facilities

This one kinda goes with the last one, but then again it’s not only a DIY product issue. Since there has not been real standards set yet by the FDA in regards to e-juice manufacturing, some less reputable companies are not doing everything it takes to keep your e-fluids contamination free. Have no fear, here at A Clean Cigarette we have taken every precaution to provide and maintain a sterile clean room environment. Our fluids are all hand injected and each flavor and nic level has its own tubing and containers. Here are a few pictures of our facility:


Click to view slideshow.

Spoiled or expired e-juice that has gone BAD

Right along with the need for a sterile manufacturing facility it is also important to understand that the bulk of the ingredients used to flavor even simple products are food grade materials. That being said, food goes bad. Since food goes bad wouldn’t it then be a logical thought that e-juice made with food grade materials, goes bad?  Yep, not hard to wrap one’s brain around eh?

Since it seems like such a simple and logical thought then it’s one that manufacturers and distributors of e-cigarettes and vapor products understand, right? I wish I could say that were true. The unfortunate truth is that whether it is out of greed (not wanting to throw the expired product away because of loss profit) or out of just simply not knowing the facts about the materials used in their products, many manufacturers and distributors do not take the right precautions when it comes to this e-juice health risk. As with any form of food poisoning, the symptoms are nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness and other flu like symptoms.

Again you can rest assured with A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes. Even though the food grade materials used in e-liquids typically have around a 2-year shelf life when stored properly, we only let ours stay on the shelves for a year. We would rather take a loss of profit than risk the health and safety of our families, friends and fellow smokers that use A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes.

Improper nicotine dosage

This one is a big one folks. Nicotine is not to be played with. Getting the appropriate level of nicotine for your habit is the single most important thing that needs to happen when it comes to your safety. When done right nicotine can help motivate and relax all at the same time. In fact, when done right nicotine is the whole reason for this industry even being around. When done wrong, it can be deadly. Please be sure that you are only buying products that contain nicotine that has been mixed by a chemist or other nicotine expert.

Keep in mind that by “expert”, I do not mean a guy named Bob, who used to sell cars, that opened his own store front 5 years ago and now believes himself a fluid “expert”. The thing is, he is probably not an expert, except maybe in his own mind.

The problem is Bob may be a great guy. He may even have his heart in the right place. He may have a fairly clean environment with a real want to provide good tasting fluids all with the intention of helping smokers switch off of burning tobacco.  However, we have all heard where good intentions can lead. This is our bodies we are talking about, so as much as Bob may rock on every level, he should not be deciding EXACTLY how much nicotine is needed in a fluid to have it be dosed properly. Things like that need to have an expert involved, Bob’s great, but he is no nicotine expert.

This is our bodies we are talking about, so as much as Bob may rock on every level, he should not be deciding EXACTLY how much nicotine is needed in a fluid to have it be dosed properly. Things like that need to have an expert involved, maybe Bob’s great, but he is probably not a nicotine expert.

Well there we have it, some of the reasons why places like Muskegon may be having real issues when it comes to vaping flavored e-juice. It’s an unfortunate truth but since this industry has grown virtually over night, regulations have not caught up to us. That means the door is wide open for greed and ignorance to harm the very public this industry was designed to help. Whether you use A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes, another e-cigarette or even a vapor product, please ask questions, and expect answers. If your provider can not tell you what is in their products, when their products expire, or how they determine nicotine dosage then beware.  Also if they are not using a certified “Clean Room” to mix your fluids, beware! In the mean time, it looks like I have my work cut out for me here in Muskegon, but I am a persistent person and I know that with A Clean Cigarette, the smokers in Muskegon will be with a company that really does care.

If you have questions about this topic or any e-cigarette, vapor or burning tobacco topic, please either leave a comment below OR drop me an e-mail at I love hearing from you and will do my very best to get you the answers you deserve.  If you are considering making the switch to A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes, a brand you can trust, check out our website for a location near you.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you will stop in again real soon!






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