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Hey guys, Thanks for being here! It’s Dawn here, your ever ready, ever chatty, and ever loyal A Clean Cigarette blogger. As you probably already know, here at A Clean Cigarette we ONLY sell cig-a-like style e-cigs to deliver nicotine.  While some in the industry try to call us “old fashioned” we disagree. Not only do we disagree, but we also believe that cig-a-likes are the best e-cigarette or vapor product for today’s world.

Let’s start at the beginning

While the cig-a-like style e-cigarette is considered a first generation product the technology inside an A Clean Cigarette brand one is way different than its original cig-a-like counterpart.

A Clean Cigarette brand cig-a-likes are designed to look and feel like a traditional cigarette. Don’t be fooled by the simple design, these products are state of the art inside so you can expect bold Menthol and Non-menthol tobacco flavors and the familiar throat hit you have come to expect as a smoker.

In fact, here at ACC we have improved or updated the internal tech of our device 12 separate times over the last almost 10 years. We have done everything from improving the heating element to relocating the coils so you get ALL of the nicotine fluid out when you use it.  Not only have we done these and other improvements to the cartridge, but we have also updated the battery as well. Adding a longer life, and better-charging options as well as adding safety features such as automatic shut off and 5-second hit regulator.

Every single update and improvement we have done here at A Clean Cigarette has been with you in mind.

All that’s cool but what makes cig-a-likes better than other vapor devices?

Before I clearly answer that question lets look at a few of the headlines floating around this week…


New port News: 

“Newtown Borough parks officially posted as smoke-, vape- and e-cigarette free zones”


Flordia Politics:

“Put that e-cig down: Vaping now banned in Florida workplaces”


The Denver Post:

“Vaping in and near public buildings is now banned in Colorado”


I could seriously go on and on with headlines that are talking about banning vaping in nearly every place.

Remember about 3 years ago?

I am sure you recall that about 3 or so years ago something called “Cloud Blowing” started to pop up everywhere. People were using tank style (2nd and 3rd gen) products to create HUGE clouds of vape.

Consumers of almost every business started complaining about the thick clouds of this fruity smelling stuff called e-liquid.

To be fair who wants to sit down at a restaurant, order the fish and have the smell of cinnamon apple spice floating around in a thick cloud? No one. As I am sure you can imagine, the powers that be got irritated. As they got more upset, more and more bans got put in to place.

Now I am not saying that irresponsible cloud blowing is the only reason for these banns (There is some responsible cloud blowers who only do so in competitions and such. More power to em, it’s just not our thing.). However, it was certainly a great tool for “justifiably” starting the bans on e-cigarettes.

How does this relate to cig-a-like?

Okay first, I am NOT telling you to break any laws. I am just offering you a more discreet way of getting your nicotine. What I am saying though is that unlike the huge thick clouds of a tank model vape product. An A Clean Cigarette brand cig-a-like only produces a very small “puff” of vapor meant to imitate the “puff” of smoke one would get by smoking burning tobacco. Even that only lingers for less than 20 seconds.

But it can be even better than that. Our vapor is so thin and it has such a small amount of output, that if you hold it in for a few seconds. The “puff” of vapor does not show up. Basically, you can get your nicotine and no one has to know you are doing it.

The Discreet Cig-a-Like.

So next time you are at gathering full of folks who don’t want to see you vape. No worries. They don’t have to. It’s really none of their business anyway.  Just take a quick puff off an A Clean Cigarette cig-a-like. Hold it for a few seconds and exhale slowly. you may want to do it once or twice at home first just so you can see what

To add to the cig-a-lies ability to be discreet it’s easy to be sneaky. Due to its small size, most people can successfully keep it out of sight just by cupping it in their hand. Just be sure to cover the light if you are in a dark place or you will get plenty of attention.

Discreet is good in a world dead set on not letting us get our nicotine. Cig-a-likes help with that in a big way. Small enough to stay out of the lime lite but powerful enough to give smokers the throat hit and bold flavor they want from their nicotine delivery system.

Want more information?

Are you a current smoker who would like more information on A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarette? Just visit our website at www.ACleanCigarette.Com. We are ready to help you make the switch and reach your preferred nicotine level. Do you have questions, thoughts or concerns? Rach out to me either on our Facebook page or by email at You can also leave me a comment below.

Thank you

Thank you for stopping by today. We and I in particular really appreciate every reader of this blog. Whether you just happened upon us or you are one of our amazing regulars, you rock. Just taking the time to stay up to date and informed says a lot. And it’s all good. Thank you again!





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