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CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hello again! It’s Dawn here your loyal A Clean Cigarette blogger. Chatting about e-cigarettes and everything electronic cigarette related is what we do here. Today we are going to chat about TAR. We have talked about tar before, but the issue is so important and life threatening that I like to re-touch on it from time to time.

Most people smoke cigarettes in an attempt to get nicotine. With that nicotine comes not only nearly 600 ingredients and well over 4000 chemicals, it also comes with tar. Tar is one of the things that traditional burning cigarettes deposits into lungs that causes us so many health issues as smokers. Tar is produced when the tobacco cigarette is lit on fire.

The great news, A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes are not lit on fire so they simply can not produce tar.

To give you an idea, that’s a picture of Tar right there.⇓


The yellow on these cigarette butts is Tar.


That same yellowing occurs on the walls of a house where there are people smoking burning tobacco as a means to deliver nicotine. ⇓ Yuck!



Tar sticks to every thing, walls, clothes, even your hair!

That can mean a rough clean up!

Double Yuck!

Double Yuck!

That’s not all tar stains though.😦 Check these pics out. ⇓

before tooth whitening

Your teeth take care of you, shouldn’t they get a break from the tar?


It is not hard to spot a long term smoker, the tar leaves it’s mark for all to see.


The staining can get very bad, as seen here on this long term smokers fingers.

Unfortunately, it gets way worse. When a smoker inhales tar from a burning cigarette, that tar coats their lungs. Warning, the next picture is not for the faint of heart. ⇓ To be completely honest its strait out disgusting.

This is what Tar does to lungs.

This is what Tar does to lungs.

So there is the truth on tar, on top of being bad for your the health of your lungs and teeth, it stinks up you home and over all is just gross. Tar sticks to everything, even you. It happens whenever something is lit on fire.  If you really want to keep the nicotine, but you are tired of TAR we do have another option for you. A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes cannot produce tar. So you still get your nicotine, but you get to give up not only the tar, but nearly 600 ingredients and 4000+ chemicals too. It seems like a better then fair trade to us and we hope you agree. Every smoker deserves options. Every smoker deserves a clean cigarette nicotine delivery.

Every Smoker

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