An electronic cigarette update. We are improving with YOU in mind, and we won’t quit!

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hello all, Dawn here again, your A Clean Cigarette blogger. Of all the projects I have worked on for A Clean Cigarette, writing this blog is my very favorite contribution. I love doing it so much that I got a little carried away in the beginning with how many blog post I would put up a week. We worry that if I over post people will loose interest in what we are saying, so we have slowed down to about 2 post a week with 3 post if something really important happens in the electronic cigarette world. Some of you may have already noticed this.

Child like flavors are not part of the A Clean Cigarette plan. We create cig-a-likes that look, taste and feel like your current burning tobacco habit.

Here at A Clean Cigarette we want our customers to know we are here for them, customer service is our number one marketing plan.  So when I was asked to write this blog I really took that thought with me. My goal with this blog is to offer customers the ability to find the information they want on a very new industry.  I can completely understand that people have questions and that since this is such a new industry, making the switch can be a very scary thing.

I also understand that most people that smoke love the smoking, but hate the fact that it is killing them. As a smoker I knew that eventually it would most probably kill me, but so what. I wanted to smoke. I liked self medicating with nicotine and I do not feel bad for that. When ever I tried to quit is was NOT because I did not WANT to smoke. It was because it was killing me. (Also costing me a fortune, but that’s another story. Click Here to see how much you could save by switching.) That is what made A Clean Cigarette so amazing to me. I gave up nothing. I kept what I wanted and I got rid of all the other stuff. You know stuff like tar, almost 600 ingredients including pesticides and the over 4000 chemicals.

Yum? Do I eat it or smoke it?
Yum? Do I eat it or smoke it? Products like this are NOT available at A Clean Cigarette. We do not market to kids or create products intended to attract them.

So making this blog to me seemed logical. The product hit great and it felt like my burning tobacco, but what I wanted when I first switched, was information. I then started really looking and asking and finding what I needed to know to make me feel like making the switch was an upgrade to my burning tobacco. So to me customer service is all about informing. Helping to ease the fear of the new by making reliable information easy to get. That’s what this blog is about.

Eddie photo bombing me at one of our recordings of Makin' the Switch. It's always a great time.
This is me Dawn and Eddie photo bombing me at one of our recordings of Makin’ the Switch. It’s always a great time. If you would like to contact me directly call me at 989-400-2634 I am always willing to help! 

Making the blog easy to access and easy to explore is paramount. To achieve this there is a search bar in the top right hand corner of every page. If you have questions regarding ANYTHING electronic cigarette or smoking health related topics just type in a few words and bam; idea blogs will pop up to help you find what you are looking for. But what if you search a topic and can not find the answers you need? Although I try hard to cover ever topic so this will not happen, let’s be honest. There is no way I have not left SOMETHING out. That is where YOU come in. Just leave a comment or better yet, drop me a direct E-mail to Let me know what you want to have more information on. I will take the time to find you answers. Every time.

Since we are in the beginning stages of growing our on-line activity and store, we think it is important that you have as close to “in-store” customer service as possible. With that in mind in addition to rethinking our blog output level we have created an amazing customer service center.  Ms. Vicky and Ms. Lori are ready to help you in anyway that you need. Ms. Vicky is a RN who has extensive knowledge on the A Clean Cigarette brand of electronic cigarettes and Ms Lori has been with A Clean Cigarette since nearly day one. She handles the shipping and orders and will work hard to make sure you get your order on time and right.  If you would like to speak to either of these ladies just call. They are waiting to hear from you.

new cust support


We are not stopping here as far as improvements go either. Not only are we actively upgrading our internet content, we are updating our in store experience as well.  We are proud to say that as of today, March 1st 2016 we now have a POS (Point of Sale) system in every one of our store locations. Why is this important to you? Easy, we will now be faster and more efficient in our service to our amazing customers, like you. The improvements will not be stopping here either. We are on a mission. A mission to bring extra mile customer service and speed to every customer as well as a team driven support system, designed by team members who started out as customers. They understand were you are and what you are going through. You will be amazed at the service you get from passionate people who have walked the same path you are.

Well, I think I have rambled on long enough today! I really appreciate you for stopping in today and I hope you take the time to share this around to all your friends and loved ones that smoke burning tobacco. We only sell 1 thing, we only do 1 thing, we are succeeding in huge ways with this 1 thing. We can help! Have a rocking day!



Click the Pic ⇓ to see what customers have to say about A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes.  Or click HERE to go to our website and see what customers have to say over there!

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