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Guess who? lol yep me Dawn again. Today we are going to do a timeline for electronic cigarettes. I would like to send a special thank you out to our very own Ms. Tabs from our Lapeer Michigan location. Thank you for all the work you put into this!

So our story starts:

2003: Birth – Hon Lik’s father dies from smoking related lung cancer which he claims inspired him to invent an upgraded form of nicotine delivery. Bam we have the birth of the commercialized electronic cigarette.

2007: Availability – Electronic cigarettes become available in the USA. They were already available and in use in many other places, it’s our turn.

2008: WHO – The World Health Organization decides against calling e-cigarettes useful smoking cessation tools. They remove any mention of their usefulness and safe use from all WHO materials. 

2008: Ruyan – Ruyan an e-cig company out of New Zealand, funds an analysis that reportedly shows e-cigarettes to be “several orders of magnitude less dangerous then burning tobacco” and touts e-cigs as a “safe alternative to smoking”

2009:Australia – Australia bands e-cigarettes claiming that all nicotine, besides nicotine replacement therapies and cigarettes, are classified as poisonous. (Side note: Since when are cigarettes NOT poison?)

2009: No entry – The FDA directs the US customs and border control personnel to reject all e-cigarettes from entering the USA.

2009: The lawsuit – Smoke Everywhere files a federal injunction against the FDA. NJOY then joined the team. Both groups claim the FDA has no jurisdiction over E-cigarettes because they are tobacco products. However later in the same year President Obama signs the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act 18 (FTPTA), giving FDA the power to regulate tobacco products.

2009: NJOY – Announces that it will discontinue any flavors that are not approved by the FTPTA. Leaving only regular tobacco and menthol flavors in the US market.

2009: California – California passes a bill banning the sale of e-cigs in the state, Governor Schwarzenegger veto’s the bill on the ground that adults should have the right to make their own decisions regarding nicotine delivery.

2010: ACC – February 2010 A Clean Cigarette is founded! Woot!

2010: Verdict – The Judge grants the Smoke Everywhere/NJOY injunction. Now the FDA may not seize electronic cigarettes at the border. An appeal is filed and the Appellant Court grant’s the FDA’s request for a stay pending the outcome of the appeal.

2010: Decision – The U.S Court of Appeals rules that the FDA can only regulate e-cigs as tobacco products.

2010: Military – Both the Marine Corps and the Air force move to prohibit electronic cigarette use on most bases.

2011: Our 1st – Doctors ask us to prove what is in our products so A Clean Cigarette funds a complete 3rd party lab analysis of our product. We are very proud of the results. Doctors seem to like them too!

2011: Study – The American Journal of Preventative medicine publishes a study that claims “Findings suggest that e-cigarettes may hold promise as a smoking-cessation method and that they are worthy of further study using more-rigorous research designs.” The study produces 6 month smoking abstinence rates that are better then other traditional nicotine replacement products.

2012: Big Tobacco – Lorillard Inc. buy Blu brand electronic cigarettes. They are reported as being the 3rd largest Big Tobacco Company in the world.

2012: More Big Tobacco – Reynolds American Inc. Big Tobacco #2 gets involved with the release and limited distribution of their Vuse brand e-cig.

2013: Next! – A Clean Cigarette funds a second and even more detailed 3rd party lab analysis. This time we have them check for leachables as well. We wanted to know if you could get any unintended contaminates based on the materials we use. The results are amazing! No leachables detected.

2013: TADS – A Systematic review of nearly 100 different e-cigarette studies is published in the Therapeutic Advances in Drug Safety medical journal. It concludes that “ECs are a revolutionary product in tobacco harm reduction. Although they emit vapor, which resembles smoke, there is literally no fire (combustion) and no ‘fire’ (suspicion or evidence that they may be the cause for disease in a similar way to tobacco cigarettes). Due to their unique characteristics, ECs represent a historical opportunity to save millions of lives and significantly reduce the burden of smoking-related diseases worldwide.” It is later added to the NIH.Gov site.

2014: under18 – The UK bans sales of electronic cigarettes to minors under 18

2014: Getting busy – A Clean Cigarette funds a third lab analysis to show consistency, but we do not stop there. We also fund a 66 page vapor analysis, and towards the end of the year we began the process to start funding a clinical trial on our products with Sparrow Clinical Research Institute out of Lansing, MI.

2014: Lawmakers – This is also the year A Clean Cigarette hired Mr. Scott Everett as our state lobbyist. It was a great move, and we are proud to have him!

2015: Now – As of now, we all wait to see what happens as far as the FDA goes. Our Clinical trial is still in the development phase. We are working hard to find the truths for our customers. When details become available, I will share them here on the A Clean Cigarette blog ASAP!

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This time line is NOT everything that has happened in the electronic cigarette industry. In an effort to not have a 6 page blog post I have picked from the ones that I felt were most helpful in this format and for YOU. If you would like more information on the studies available or how to find e-cig resources Click Here. If you just have thoughts or questions you can always email me directly at


I am so thankful that you visited today and I hope this blog is as helpful as it is meant to be! I hope to see you back here. See you soon!





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