Aaron’s Corner: Why do you want to stop smoking burning tobacco?


Why do you want to stop smoking burning tobacco?

Do you have questions, well we have answers.  The most important question I feel that I can ask any customer that comes in interested in A Clean Cigarette is Why?   Why do you want to quit smoking burning tobacco?  The answer to that question is very valuable, this information helps our team in many different ways.  It not only helps me get to know the customer, but we get to understand where the customer may have struggles. So when I ask the question…Why do you want to stop smoking burning tobacco? This is what many have to say.

I was working at the Bay City location (yellow building) one day and a woman walks into the building. I introduce myself she does the same and says to me I would like to try your product. After a quick introduction, I explain to Cindy how to use the product and let her take a hit, as she is sitting there trying the product out I ask Why do you want to stop smoking burning tobacco?  She looks at me and says “Smoking cigarettes is way too expensive”. I ask what she smokes and she says “I roll my own”.  I use to roll my own also so I completely understand where Cindy is coming from.  So I continue with my next question, Why did you start to roll your own?  Every single time I ask this question the answer is always the same. “Once they hit $5.00 a pack I switched to rolling my own”.  So what if a pack of cigarettes were only $2.50 would you have started rolling your own with all the hassle?  Taking the time to actually rolling individual cigarettes ,the mess ,or traveling around with your big bag of tobacco, the roller, and of course the box of tubes because you didn’t roll enough. Of course we share a laugh and Cindy agrees that if cigarettes were $2.50 a pack she would never have started rolling her own.  I explain to Cindy how our cartridges are equal to a pack and a half if used appropriately and cost $3.50. She likes the sound of no tar, no stink and no roll your own mess. I agree.

At the Bay Road store we have a dart board available. It gets a lot of use. Cindy steps up to the line and throws 3 darts and ends up winning a free filter, needless to say, she walked out happy as could be with her A Clean Cigarette in hand.


            Another time I worked a shift in the Lapeer store next to the $5.00 Hair Cuts and an older gentlemen walks in.  His name was Pete and he was ready to make the switch.  Of course I ask the question Why do you want to quit smoking burning tobacco and his response was “The doctors told me I had to stop smoking or I will die, so my friend sent me here”.  I show him our lab analysis and discuss what is in the product.  I also let him know that according to Public Health England E-cigarettes are 95% safer then burning tobacco and show him some of our testimonials from other customers in our magazine. We start talking about my own experience with A Clean Cigarette and how I feel better with this product that has, no tar, no stink and no second-hand smoke. I go on to explain that he will stick with his same nicotine level and once he is completely removed from burning tobacco and comfortable with the product we will discuss how he feels about lowering the level and going through the steps to getting yourself off nicotine all together.  Pete has a few more questions and concerns and wants to know if he can use this product anywhere.  I explain to him you can use this product in most places unless posted otherwise.  I would like to inform you that things may change soon and that if he wants to keep these rights he needs to get a hold of his state and federal representatives. (Click Here for More info)  Pete and I share a conversation for a while and he decides to make the switch. WTG Pete!


The last story I’d like to share was in Burton with a customer named Steve, he came into the store wanting to try out A Clean Cigarette.  I ask him why he wanted to quit smoking burning tobacco, his response was “I have two children and my wife at home and I’d like to be around to watch them grow up”.  I ask him about his children and he opens up and tells me how much these little girls mean to him.  Now that I know what motivates Steve I am able to help him better and, he leaves the store with A Clean Cigarette.

A couple weeks go by and Steve comes in again I ask him how things are going and he shares that he still has a cigarette here and there.  I congratulate him and tell him I was proud that he is almost completely removed from smoking burning tobacco.  I say to Steve “Do you remember the first time you came in here and I asked you why do you want to quit smoking burning tobacco?” Steve says yes he remembers “it’s for my little girls”.  “Now I want you to go home and tell your little girls and wife that you don’t smoke burning tobacco anymore.  Confess to everybody that you know that you don’t anymore”. Commit.Aaron

18 days later which would be today Steve walks in and tells me he is 18 days tobacco free. Let’s all give a shout out to Steve for kicking the habit.

I realize there is more, so I’d like you to come into one of our locations and tell us the reason you want to quit smoking burning tobacco.  Come see if today is the day you make the switch!




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