Aaron’s Corner: Addictions and Options.


Nicotine is one of the most addicting things known to man kind, but there is something else that I believe is nearly as addictive, and quite possibly even more dangerous. I spend a lot of my time on the road most of it on the highway. I’m a very defensive driver, though I do drive in the fast lane. There is not a day that goes by where there is not at least one person who swerves out of their lane almost causing an accident. It can be anyone, a mother, a father, young, or old age does not matter. By the time I get passed this vehicle, it’s almost always someone on their phone.  It really pisses me off, but as I think about that..I’m no better.  If it wasn’t for rumble strips or stones on the side of the road I could be in a ditch or in a car accident.

I stopped smoking burning tobacco because I knew it was dangerous and could potentially harm all my family and friends around me. So my phone rings, I look down at my lap, where my phone always is, to see who is calling and before I know it, I’m already swerving over into the other lane ,and as always I correct the wheel and I’m no worse for wear.

I have options… I can wait to check my phone. I can still be addicted to it, just not while driving. I can pull over. I can tuck the phone out of reach so I am not tempted. I have options. I just need to look up and see those options.

Because how many chances am I going to get? How many times can I ride the line, cross over and come back?

I had a similar battle with tobacco, it didn’t take a doctor or some TV commercial, to tell me to put the cigarettes down, I knew it was dangerous. I knew at any moment it could take my life.

Now I know that we all know that smoking is one of the dumbest choices anyone could make, so why do we make that these choice? Because it’s an addiction and even though we know the truth about it, we do not believe we have options. We feel stuck. We want nicotine, but we do not want to die for it.

But we do have options and we are not stuck. I just had to look up from my burning tobacco long enough to see the options that are available.

It’s just like distracted driving.

How many of you are unaware of your surroundings stuck at the green light because someone can’t look up, instead of paying attention to what’s on our phones? Let’s start paying attention to what’s important in our lives.

I now have another addiction to overcome another war to wage. Distracted driving is dangerous and I am making the commitment to myself to win the battle.




There is no peek or tweet worth your life,

Neither are burning tobacco cigarettes.

Take a look around: You have options.

smokers deserve



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