A Story about a Smoker


Hello out there. Thank you for stopping by! It’s the beginning of the new year and much like the rest of the industry, we at A Clean Cigarette are kind of in a hold pattern. It’s so hard to say what’s going on or what’s going to be going on, with this industry over the next few months.

In the mean while, though I have been out and about looking for content to share here on the A Clean Cigarette blog. I never know where my inspiration will come from. Will it be an article I find on-line? A conversation I have in one of our stores? Or like this time will it be from a source I would never have expected. A completely non-related to A Clean Cigarette event that makes me think “now that’s something that I need to share.”

I am getting ahead of myself. (I tend to do that a lot!)  Let me start at the beginning. But remember it all starts in an unrelated to A Clean Cigarette way, so bare with me.

The Story

Last month was a pretty busy month for my family, on top of all the usual holiday and December based events that keep most of us busy, my youngest Daughter ended up getting married to boot. (Told you it was unrelated, just saying!) Her wedding was a bit of a rushed event. It had originally been planned for September of 2017, but her young groom to be is in the military and on December 3rd ish we found out that the entire thing was going to have to be moved up to this year. That is if she wants to join him for his up to 5 years in Guam where he was recently stationed.

My daughter Kyare and her new husband Jakob on their day.

So bam, we are planning a wedding for December 28th about 1000 miles from home. Virgina Beach to be exact. Thankfully, it turned out nice for what we had to work with and the young couple is extremely happy. Which is what it’s all about anyhow.

It was after the big event, when we all went out to eat and celebrate together at a nice restaurant in Williamsville, Virginia that something happened that pulled my attention from my family. It was not a huge happening, but it was an interesting one, picture this:

My family and I waiting in the lobby of a rather expensive, but beautifully decored restaurant. Our wait time is about 30 minutes and while we wait there are people coming and going for a variety of reasons. One reason people are walking by us is to step outside and smoke a cigarette. That in itself is not an event that would typically catch my eye, except that one of the persons walking by us about every 10 minutes is a woman in her early 50’s. She was dressed and holds herself with an air of class that can not be faked.

This is what the device looked like. or at least as close as I could find on the web.

Again, not a huge deal, smokers come in all shapes, sizes and income levels so even this very well put together women in her tweed coat and dress slacks going out to smoke would not have raised an eyebrow, except she was not going out to smoke. She was stepping out to Vape. And not a small cig-a-like device or even a Tank pen type device. No we are talking about a MASSIVE 3rd generation vape Mod in all of it’s chrome covered glory.

The contraption looked very out of place and did not fit well in her well-manicured hands. When she took a puff off of it, a massive cloud of vapor swirled around her for a good long while before slowly floating away on the December wind.  I could not help but think that while I am really glad she has made the switch off of burning tobacco, that device did not really fit with the rest of her demeanor.

I pondered on this while I sat in the warm lobby of the restaurant with my A Clean Cigarette. I had no problem puffing it indoors, the lack of a massive cloud means most of my fellow customers do not even realize that I am vaping. Even only feet from me. Finally, when she walked by me for the third time, I had to go speak to her.  So I stepped out the door, A Clean Cigarette in tow.

I asked about her unit. She was unable to tell me much other than her doctor had told her that switching to a vapor might be better than smoking and had suggested she give it a try. That suggestion had led her to a vapor store near her work. She said they were nice there and had let her try a variety of flavors and had suggested this device to her. She also claimed to not enjoy the huge vapor clouds, but did enjoy the throat hit and the ability to get her nicotine electronically.

After a brief bit of chat in regards to her unit, I decided to show her mine. Which if you have ever met me you know is always hanging on a lanyard around my neck. Clearly displayed. She had not noticed it before I brought to her attention. And once I did, she was shocked at how small both the device and the cloud was. It’s hard to believe for us up here in Michigan, but in Virginia other than the cheap gas station cig-a-likes, there are very few options.

You should have seen her smile when I told here there was a way for her to get her nicotine electronically, without haveing to have a giant, chrome, cloud making device to deliver it. Plus, she would no longer have to deal with the liquid nicotine and would get to keep and possibly improve on her throat hit. (That was a huge plus to her!)

I left her with my card, and our on-line store address, she reassured me that she would be checking us out very soon. I felt like I had helped. And she thanked me for doing so.

Now let’s be clear. I have no problem with MOD devices, if you are into that kind of thing. Heck they can even be fun for some people, but they are not for all of us. In fact, as a nearly 40 year old adult myself (I can not believe that I am admitting that on my blog…..) I could not picture carrying around something that size and that conspicuous everywhere that I go. And let’s be honest, our nicotine goes everywhere with us smokers. And while I applaud her for being the type of person who would not want to offend anyone in the restaurant, I myself like puffing my nicotine in the warmth of the indoors. If I wanted to go outside for nicotine I may not have switched.

Okay, I probably would have, but not as happily! I like puffing quietly while I shop, wait in waiting rooms, go to the movies or otherwise just live life. I like the freedom my A Clean Cigarette gives me.

Regardless of how you get away from burning tobacco, the fight is getting away. If a large MOD with parts and pieces that can deliver hundreds of flavors is what you need. Rock on. But if you are looking for something a little….less. Something smaller, more private and more able to go with you on all of life’s adventures, then A Clean Cigarette may be the better option for you. If it is, and you would like more information check out http://www.acleancigarette.com.

Thank you again for joining me here today. Thank you also for letting me share a bit of my life’s events with you here today. Just remember I warned you about the non-related, related situation!!!



PS: I won’t share the smokers name because I did not ask her to do so, but the Resturant is called Second Street Grill and their food and customer service was AMAZING. If you ever get to that area and want a great bit of food and great extra mile service check em out. Tell them A Clean Cigarette sent you.  






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