A quick chat

Hey, guys, it’s Dawn again here. Your ever loyal and, most of the time chatty, A Clean Cigarette blogger. If you are a regular reader of this blog then you are probably aware that I am a super chatty person. This can be seen in the sheer length of some of my blogs. Today however I find myself in an awkward spot for me. I don’t know what to chat about.

As I sit in front of this laptop a massive amount of information and ideas pop to mind, but none seem “right”.  I mean it seems a little out of touch to talk about TAR. Even though it’s a very important message. And chatting about subjects like Ash Tray Art and even Research just seems like a hard thing to do with all that is going on.

Heck even talking about our WHY is hard right now.

Looking back

When I look back at this blog and ALL the subjects we have covered in the last nearly 5 years. It’s mind-blowing. We have chatted about everything from great industry quotes to how the rituals associated with smoking are important for your success.  The information does not end there either.

We have chatted on topics like e-cigarette etiquette, how to help loved ones who are worried about you making the switch, tobacco’s effect on the body and what you needed to know about COPD and E-cig. We have also had a chat about things like how to get the best puff life out of your cartridges and how to talk to your teenagers about the risks of nicotine addiction and e-cigs. That’s not all we have talked about either! There are 332 posts (before this one) published on this blog. (Side note: At an average of over 900 words per blog that’s just under 300K words intended to help create educated customers who can make informed decisions )


That’s a LOT of information!

For my part I have never had a time where I found it hard to talk..and I mean talk a lot. Some might even say too much. (I don’t listen to those folks though because I am too busy talking to worry about it So when I opened this blog with I don’t know what to talk about it was one of the oddest sentences I have ever typed. and yet here I sit. Still wondering what on earth I am going to chat about today…

Now before you say, “But Dawn there is so much going on in the political world, HOW can you possibly not have anything to talk about?!?!” Let me just say that we have no new information. I mean sure I could type up a quick rehash of where we sit. Unfortunately, though we are in a “wait and see” situation. Basically, I don’t have enough new info to make a blog worth reading. But so we are all on the same page here is a brief look at where we are.

State: We won the injunction that puts Governor Whitmore’s emergency rules on hold until it can be heard at either the appellant court level or the Michigan Supreme court level.

Federal: We are waiting for a final ruling from the FDA/ Congress in regards to not only flavors but everything having to do with the final guidance draft for the upcoming PMTA.

See not enough new info yet to talk about…

What I came up with to chat about today

Whether I am feeling chatty or not I still have a blog to write, which I think is kinda happening here in a very odd way. I have found sometimes if you just start chatting things fall how they are supposed to. You know like starting a blog out that says I have nothing to talk about then looking down to find you have said nearly 650 words! Oops?

A mountain

That rule of starting and seeing how things fall is not only about chatting. I was once told that if you need to get to the mountain the best way there is one step at a time in the direction of the mountain. Don’t look at all the obstacles that could get in your way, just go. Do it. The path might become clear as you travel. It might not. Either way, if you never start walking because of the obstacles you will never get there.

I think that is something that directly corresponds with A Clean Cigarette. We see where we want to be, we are walking towards our goals and while we have found obstacles we are still standing. All be it weak in the knees, but standing non-the-less.

Thank you

I think the most important words I can type during our chat here today are Thank you.

Thank you to all of the ACC community for the massive support and heartfelt prayers. You guys are warriors!  Also, thank you to all of my team members for their undying love and comradery that is helping us get through this.

Thank you to Cary and Mona Lee for not giving up when the way gets rough and for caring enough to always do the right thing, before they tell us it’s the right thing. Thank you to the leadership at ACC. For all of the extra effort and teamwork going into making our changes as easy as possible.

Thank you to our suppliers and our warehouse folks who are trying to stay organized in a constantly changing situation.

I would also like to say thank you to the readers of this blog for choosing to be educated and informed. In the end, you guys are our best defense. Please share knowledge. Inform those around you. Stop the propaganda. This is the way we win, through education.

960+ Words Later…

Okay, I guess I was more chatty then I thought! No one that knows me will be all that surprised lol. Again I appreciate every one! Please check back I am hoping to have a “real” blog with some updated information soon. If you would like more information on ACC please visit acleancigarette.com.






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