A New Year: A New Update



Hey guys! Dawn here again, your ever chatty A Clean Cigarette blogger, welcoming in 2020! We have quite a few things to get up to date on.  Let’s go by order of importance.


#1 The Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

(Yes this is the most important because smiling is the healthiest (next to drinking water and sleeping) thing you can do for your self)

To recap we here at ACC put on some ugly Christmas sweaters and you guys voted for your favorite! The turn out was GREAT. Thank you guys for always making things like this a great time! You Rock!

On to the winners:

3rd place: Rich out of our Midland location!! (w/25 votes)

2nd place: Lori out of our Owosso location!! (w/40 votes)

Our Winner:

Hands down our winner is Ms. Dee from our online and shipping dept. This amazing lady is worth every one of the 68!!!!! votes she pulled in. Congrats Dee!


#2 Flavor Ban

Okay so this is NOT going to make many folks smile but it’s something we need to talk about anyway. You may or may not have heard that Trump signed on a new bill recently that will ban all flavors of e-cigarettes except menthol and non-menthol flavors. Unlike when Whitmer pulled something similar at least this time we have about 30 days to comply. These flavors will NOT be coming back anytime soon and most likely ever. This is not good news but it does mean SOME good news for you.

Let’s talk sale…


All Banned Flavors at All Stores are now $2.00.

While supplies last and NO returns or exchanges.

Sale Ends January 31st, 2019



Okay, most of you probably know we are trying to complete the Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) through the FDA. This thing is a beast and it is set up to allow only very large companies to make it through. Basically wiping out small and mid-size companies.

To put it into perspective, the last PMTA that a big tobacco company did on the heat not burn product came in at over 1 million PAGES of information and upwards of 2 million dollars…..

We have been working on it for a few years and we are starting to see some results but we are a LONG way from out of the woods. In fact, if we do not get it all done a turned in by May…our e-cigs will not be allowed to be sold. We think we can get at lease something through although we are working on back up plans. This is a hard one to deal with.

As of now, we are working with other companies in an effort to streamline the application and we are waiting to see if we can meet with the FDA one on one to ask some questions.

We will update as soon as we can!

#4 Surviving Stores

Okay back when Whitmer pulled the dictator move of taking all of the flavors including menthol off the shelves with little warning, we had to close some stores. (Feel free to call her again to let her know how you feel about this!) Well. the dust has settled and I now have a Complete list of our remaining stores:

Alma: 7312 N. Alger (across from Taco Bell) ~ 989-285-1356 

Ann Arbor: 2366 E. Stadium Blvd. (in Trader Joe’s Plaza) ~ 734-677-5880 

Bay City: 3968 Wilder Rd. (next to Big Apple Bagels) ~ 989-686-3050 

Caro: 1243 W. Caro Rd. (by A1 Rentals) ~ 989-268-3077 

Charlotte: 634 W Lawrence (at Lawrence and Lincoln) ~ 517-997-6110 

Essexville: 3200-B Center Ave. (by Hungry Howie’s) ~ 989-894-2477 

Flint: 4084-B Corunna Rd.  ( by Zerka Rentals) ~ 810-407-8049 

Lansing: 2110 N. Larch St.  ( beside McDonald’s) ~ 517-483-2951 

Midland: 4955 Eastman Ave. (beside McDonald’s) ~ 989-835-5477 

Mt. Pleasant: 615 Mission St. (just south of Pickard) ~ 989-317-0252 

Muskegon: 1700 E. Apple Ave. (next to car wash) ~ 231-375-0720 

Owosso: 1700 East Main St. (across from Walmart) ~ 989-720-2244 

Saginaw: 3055-1 Bay Road (corner Bay & Shattuck) ~ 989-790-6455

1504 N. Michigan Ave. ( across from Covenant) ~ 989-355-1655

#4 Coin Campain

We here at A Clean Cigarette LOVE what we do. WE want to tell everyone about the success that smokers like you have had with our product. In an effort to do that we created a “Coin Campain” that asked all of our customers who were burning tobacco-free for at LEAST six months to sign a book and get a few prizes. The MAIN point of this waws to gather 100K names to set on the FDA’s desk. Unfortunately, before we are able to gather the names the new FDA rules determined we can not do this campaign any longer


Q: What if I already have the $2 certificate? Is it still valid?

A: Yes! Please give it to a fellow smoker and have them stop into any ACC location listed above.

Q: What will happen to the information and names already gathered?

A: We are not sure yet but we think we can use them in our PMTA.

Q: Will there still be coin days?

A: Unfortunately no. At least not for now. We WANT to bring it back so if there is a way, we will.


#5 Revamped Blog

If you like the look of the blog right now, take a screenshot. Due to FDA regulations, this blog will need to be completely revamped to conform. And when I say completely I mean it. (They are breaking my baby !! )

What you can expect:

Primarily black, white and greyscale

No Customer reviews or stories.

No Marketing of any kind.

Limited picture or images.

No product sales or information regarding the promotion of our products.

No event mentions.

No Contests.

A Crap ton of warnings issued by the FDA. Most of which tell you nicotine is addictive…

Basically, it will be about as boring as a sight can be. That being said I promise to try to keep us all informed with some amount of interesting content.

#6 There is no #6

Lol I mean isn’t 5 updates enough to chew on for the day! Please, guys, don’t get down. We are FIGHTING and we will do EVERYTHING in our power to survive. We need you more now than ever. We need your smiling faces. We need your trust. We need your stories even if we can not promote them and we need understanding as we go through some really big changes.

Thank you so much for caring enough to be informed and visiting this blog. You are appreciated.





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