A Clean Cigarette: Top 3 Reasons We Do Not Sell To Never Smokers

Hey, guys, it’s Dawn here and first things first; Thank you. Thank you for stopping in, thank you for sharing these post and thank you for caring enough to stay up to date on A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes. Please keep in mind while reading these blogs that I am an employee of A Clean Cigarette and as much as I try to be accurate in all things, I am not a Doctor, I am not a trained researcher and I am not the end all say all. So please if you read something and think, or know, that I am not on target with my information. Drop me a line or leave me a comment. I will always try to keep things as straightforward and honest as I possibly can. Your help is always appreciated!

Also, keep in mind that A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes are intended only for smokers. I am sure if you read this blog even on a semi-regular basis then you have heard me say that before, in fact, I say it often. I don’t just say it on this blog either, I am even constantly saying it out loud when talking to customers, friends, family members, and pretty much everyone I can get to listen to me. It’s a fact I feel sooo very strongly about this that I feel it needs to be the most spoken fact about our product….It is ONLY for smokers.

Alright, alright, I know that maybe it seems like I am putting a bit too much emphasis on this but I do not think I am and let me tell you why:

Why A Clean Cigarette is ONLY for smokers and long-term nicotine addicts and NOT for never smokers:

Reason #1

It contains nicotine: Yes nicotine is addictive. Yes smoking e-cigarettes with nicotine in them is addictive, like nicotine in a burning tobacco cigarette. So yes, a non-smoker who smokes e-cigarettes and vapor products with nicotine in them runs a very real risk of becoming addicted to nicotine.  If you would like a good reason not to want to get addicted to nicotine I have about $500,000 of them for you. $500,000 dollars is the typical lifetime cost to a nicotine addiction, and even though smokers save a bit of cash once they switch to A Clean Cigarettes, they are still spending $$ to get their fix.

Reason #2

Zero Nicotine does not mean harmless: Here is the thing, NOTHING you inhale besides clean air is good for your lungs. While there are a lot fewer ingredients in an e-cigarette,  there is still way more ingredients then clean air…which like I just pointed out is the only thing that is good for our lungs. Let’s break the primary ingredients down real fast:

  • Nicotine (optional)
  • PG/VG (Read more about these ingredients here .)
  • H2O (Water)
  • Flavorings (depends on cartridge flavor)

Not a crazy amount of ingredients and minus the nicotine this list seems pretty mundane. BUT remember to get the cigarette and cigar flavors that we sell, those flavorings mentioned above have to be included in the mix. We have never really broken down those flavorings, but they are important parts of our products so maybe we should take a look at what we mean when we say “flavorings”

Our flavorings are things on the FDA’s GRAS list like real menthol, tobacco leaf extract, food flavorings, and fragrances.  The GRAS list is a list of Generally Recognised as Safe ingredients that are FDA regulated to be used in products sold here in the US.

HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART THOUGH: While there are a ton of ingredients in burning tobacco cigarette that are not in an A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarette, every ingredient in our flavorings and in our cartridges can be found in a burning tobacco cigarette.

To put what that really means into perspective, and kinda bring it back to the topic of why ONLY long-term smokers should use A Clean Cigarette, I think it’s important to point out that if you have never smoked cigarettes you have never inhaled these flavorings into your lungs. I can not imagine WHY as a non-smoker anyone would want to inhale on a product that has tobacco leaf extract and stuff in it??

Just don’t do it, even most of us smokers don’t WANT to inhale these flavorings (even if the FDA claims they are basically safe.) Unfortunately, some of us, the true addicts have very little choice in the matter. It’s either get my nicotine from burning tobacco which has all of these ingredients and many that are not on the GRAS list,  is lit on fire, produces tar, and creates carbon monoxide OR I can puff on an electronic nicotine delivery system that tries to keep the number of ingredients as low as possible while still offering me the bold flavor and strong throat hit that I am looking for in a nicotine delivery system.

Reason #3

The Kids are watching: It is so important that this next generation has as much chance at success as possible. A nicotine addiction does NOT set our children up for success.  The best way we can do this is with the truth.  The truth is NOTHING inhaled into the lungs besides clean air is good for our lungs. Period.  This is by far the BEST reason to not sell electronic cigarettes or vapor products to non-smokers. Regardless if they are young or old.

So there you have it the top 3 reasons that A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarettes are not sold to never smokers, ever. We think that you will agree these are a few great reasons. and even if you don’t understand why we won’t sell to non-smokers, we hope these 3 reasons will help you understand our way of thinking.

Thank you again for stopping in today. If you or someone you love is a long-term nicotine addict who is looking for options when it comes to their nicotine delivery check out our website www.acleancigarette.com for a complete locations list as well as a full online storefront. In an effort to keep things simple and easy even for our smoking customers, we offer free shipping to all 50 states here in the USA. It’s not as good as coming in person to one of our stores, but it’s close Thank you again!








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