A Clean Cigarette: Keeping it simple since 2010.

Hello all! Glad to have you here today. First I would like to give a call out to all the people that visit this blog each week. I see you and I appreciate you! Thank you.

At A Clean Cigarette, we are proud to say we are the nicotine delivery product that has been keeping it simple since 2010. Our easy to use cig-a-like product is the closest thing to a real cigarette that an e-cigarette can get. Some people think because we have kept it simple we have not been updating. That is simply not true! We have updated our product about 12 times in 7 years. Can any other electronic cigarette company say they have updated any one product 12 times? Not likely.

We could have created whole new lines of products, that would have given us more stuff to sell, it would have meant more profits……But that is not the A Clean Cigarette brand of electronic cigarette way. We only do ONE thing, but we do that one thing the very best, because it’s all that we do.

Our whole plan from the very beginning was to create a nicotine delivery product that not only felt like a cigarette and tasted like a cigarette but could BE tomorrow’s cigarette alternative.  And we have.

The A Clean Cigarette brand of electronic cigarettes is a two part system.

  1. The Cartridge
  2. The Battery

To use the product you connect the prefilled disposable cartridge to the rechargeable battery and viola, that’s all it takes.

Disposable A Clean Cigarette nicotine cartridges. (btw, to be green we will buy these back from you when they are empty for .5 cents each. Just bring them to any A Clean Cigarette location. And NO we DO NOT refill them, we recycle them!


The rechargeable battery is tested for your safety. Have no fear we do not have batteries blowing up anywhere….probably because we keep it simple!



Another thing we could have done was create a billion different flavors. Yes, that would have been more profitable, but again, that’s not the A Clean Cigarette style. You see here at A Clean Cigarette we were all smokers before we made the switch. As smokers, we know that we did not smoke Jellybean, or gummy bear flavored cigarettes. We smoked either menthol or non-menthol, not lolly pop. So for us, it only seemed logical that if we wanted to BE the next cigarette we needed to be LIKE a cigarette. So at A Clean Cigarette, we have a variety of menthol and non-menthol flavors available. We pride ourselves on our rich, bold and true to life tobacco flavors. When you come to us we will do our best to match the taste and throat hit of your current burning tobacco nicotine delivery product. When you leave, you won’t have to give up any of the stuff you like about nicotine delivery, but you will get to leave behind Tar, Carbon Monoxide and about 600 ingredients not found in your A Clean Cigarette electronic cigarette.

So if a simple alternative to burning tobacco, that looks and feels like burning tobacco but is not lit on fire and does not produce tar, like burning tobacco, is what you are looking for, or what you wish a loved one would look for, we have your back.

Check us out at Acleancigarette.com OR visit and of our Michigan brick and mortar locations. You can find a list of the locations on our website. Thanks for stopping by!

Keeping it simple since 2010!

Thank you and Bye,




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