A Clean Cigarette, It’s a Family thing! Our 2nd Annual Summer Gathering!

Hello out there! Dawn here just chatting about the electronic cigarette industry. I am sure you have heard it said all work and no play makes for a bad day. We work very hard here at A Clean Cigarette, and when it is time to play, we play hard too. A Clean Cigarette is an amazing place to work. It is unlike any where I have ever had the privilege of helping. At A Clean Cigarette we are more family than anything else. Like most families we enjoy a summer cook out together. It is great bonding time. (hehe our CEO Cary Lee will be rolling his eyes as he reads that last line hehe) Today I am going to share with you some of our summer fun at the A Clean Cigarette pool house.


First I think it is important to give a special thank you shout out to our very own Steve for grilling the food for this event! It was yummy!

Steve grilling / burning himself.
Fahad being “helpfull” to Steve. Lol!

Hehe, I think Fahad got the bite of food he was “helping” with but then Lori got him! Fahad jumped out of his skin when she shuck up behind him!


Every good summer get together needs good food, and boy was there a lot of amazing food! As you can imagine the food table became quite the hang out attraction at our 2nd annual Summer Gathering!







Another thing that every good summer gathering needs, is great games. (You know to help with the bonding! Sorry Cary I can not help myself!)  Thanks to Eddie, you may know his name from our Pod Cast and his random rants here on the blog. Check out his “about me” page to hear from this amazingly bright and funny guy! Every one had a lot of fun with the yard games Eddie! Thank you!

Games3 cropped


games2 cropped
I got a kick out of these guys. Can any one say smack talk?


The trampoline got quite the work out too! Everyone took turns and had a great time jumping and just having some good old fashion fun!

Tramp1 crop 11865017_1181634498529464_8093110280427840119_o


Let’s not forget about all the pool antics!

Pool1 croped 11884041_1181629241863323_3191456556200918304_o



The pool food and games were all great but the best part about an A Clean Cigarette summer gathering?

The love.11892121_1181627138530200_7424972529659671442_n 11926482_1181632695196311_7928794601855870267_o 11905446_1181629745196606_1125763336335167727_o 11885261_1181628118530102_4472436135042832470_n 11888541_1181630191863228_7991362055546358120_o 11899804_1181634015196179_5942128804497952004_o 11879030_1181628315196749_2286292202373752460_o 11872142_1181629045196676_5514607986600673874_o 11872248_1181628558530058_299232907112451973_o 11866267_1181633231862924_1648358801686668849_n 11146100_1181627598530154_7219515434565987696_o 11755411_1181625341863713_1512811585765147674_n 11214716_1181626598530254_7322070943670459652_n

Well that was our 2nd Annual Summer Gathering! I had a great time and I hope every one else did as well. A really cool shout out to Ms. Vicky West for coming in all the way from Florida to see us! What a special treat!! The love at A Clean Cigarette is so great that even when some one leaves the team in pursuit of their dreams, they know they will always be one of us!

Here is Vicky talking to Chris and looking at a rough draft of our new magazine! Click this pic to find out more about the magazine! Thank you for visiting us Vicky! You are an amazing person!!

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to check out this blog! We appreciate you very much! if you have any questions please drop me an e-mail to AccAnswers@gmail.com. If you want information on making the switch to A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes just visit us on our web page at acleancigarette.com.





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