A Clean Cigarette Christmas Contest Results!

In lue of a blog where I talk on and on about all things e-cigarette related, today we are going to have some fun! Before we look at them I would like to say THANK YOU!! Seriously I mean that. This contest was something we tried just to have fun and you guys blew it out of the water!! We are humbled and appreciative of all of our A Clean Cigarette Community members. You are what makes us work!           Smokers Helping Smokers since 2010.

Thank you so very much!! 


The Score Boards

Everyone did great!



The Place Holders:

1st Place: Tina Sweet!!! (Lansing)

What a wonderful, beautiful, and creative idea! Great job Tina! Congratulations!!!


2nd Place: Lisa Eurick!! (Saginaw)

Red bulb red tinsel, sparkling lights, and beautiful glow, what more could we ask for? Congratulations Lisa!


Third Place: Barb Hand! (Muskegon)

The Christmas ornament, Christmas tree, and Christmas sweatshirt are all great, but that smile is amazing! Congratulations Barb!


All our participants rock! Check out their amazing and creative Christmas Ornament posts below. Just click any one of them to open a slideshow then you can see what we have to say about each of them!

The Participants


Again Thank you to everyone who participated! This was such a hit we WILL be doing more contest in 2019 then we have ever done before. We are working on ideas that would include both online and in-store customers. If you have an idea for a contest let me know about it! We just might use it!! Have a great day and visit www.acleancigarette.com for more information on Michigan’s #1 Quality Electronic Cigarette Brand, A Clean Cigarette!



PS: From me personally, Thank you. You guys made my month!! I had so much fun doing this because of you. I hope that each and every one of you has an amazing and fruitful 2019. Mine has sure started out great! Thank you!

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