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Hey guys, it’s Dawn again. Your ever-loyal ACC blogger. As you probably know the holiday season is all around us. It the season for miracles! It’s also the season of crazy cold temperatures, loving yet stressful family gatherings and overeating or drinking or both. (No judgment tis the season to do it up the way you want to.  

While I am sure most of you will agree to those last few sentences, I am also sure that some folks won’t understand how that is related to ACC. Well, let’s break it down through a smoker’s eyes.

Crazy Cold Temperatures

Cold outside Christmas Miracle A Clean Cigarette

If you are a smoker then you know exactly how horrible this picture looks. Not only do we freeze to death trying to get some relief from our nicotine addiction. We also get way less relief smoking outside than we do indoors.

Why? Because in the cold your lungs/bodies take precautions to try to protect themselves. For instance, we shiver and shake to produce more body heat. This makes our muscles ache and it interferes with the “enjoyment” we would otherwise get from smoking. As another example, our bodies trigger our nose to be our primary breathing orifice. It’s a great survival mechanism since breathing through your nose is designed to heat the air up before it enters your lungs. Unless you are a smoker trying to breath through your mouth while you puff on a cigarette. Then you will probably feel like your puffs have less strength and satisfaction as they would have in warm or indoor conditions.

The good news:

When folks make the switch to A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigs they will no longer have to go out in the cold to smoke. (Unless they want to.) This could be considered a Christmas Miracle to someone who has had to stand outside for 20 Christmas’ past.

Family Gatherings

family gathering christmas

Family gatherings and get-togethers are my favorite part of the holidays. I absolutely love seeing folks I do not get to see enough and talking about all the things that I may not have known were going on. The warm and fuzzy feeling of close friends and family gathering around a table just can not be beaten. BUT these times of blessings also come with a few drawbacks.

  1. Stress is common and it makes smokers, smoke more.
  2. In most cases that means the smokers have to go outside more
  3. Which leads to far less time being warm and fuzzy while surrounded by loved ones and more time being outside in the cold and alone during the family gathering.

The answer?

A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigs will help you fight the stress, while staying inside with the loved ones you want to be around (and some you may not. )  Not only the smoker, but the smoker’s families may call this additional time with each other a bit of a Christmas miracle.

Over-eating or drinking

Christmas family gathering a clean cigarette

As a card caring, badge-wearing member of the I ate and drank too much over the holidays club. I totally relate to how this process works. Every year I start off telling myself that I am old enough to show restraint..and then a table of pies appears and I am forced to try each and every one.  Forced I tell ya!!

While it may not be steller for my waistline that is NOT the reason that it works against smokers. By a show of hands, how many smokers here are “triggered” to smoke after a meal. Especially a large meal. I can safely say that if 100 smokers were standing in this room 98 would be raising their hand. We pretty much all do it…eat…smoke..and since it’s the holidays..repeat. All of this eating means we will be smoking more. Which like I said above means less time for the important things.

We have you covered

Just a few puffs of your A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarette will help us smokers get the trigger help we need without interrupting our day with our families. (or for me, without delaying my trip for another plate!) 

So as you can see we can offer a few Christmas Miracles to the smokers who want to spend more time enjoying the holiday and less time outside in the cold puffing on the world’s deadliest consumer product.

But what about those of us who love a still smoker? We are warm and surrounded by family and we want them inside instead of outside. We want them to have more time with loved ones and us but unlike us, they have not made the switch. We can help and you can make it happen.

The best Christmas Miracle that you can give

Burning tobacco cigarettes have killed well over 5 million people in the 10 years A Clean Cigarette has been around. In that same 10 years, exactly 0 people have died from A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarettes. We think that statement says it all.Christmas Mir

So then what options do we have to help the smokers in our lives who have not made the switch?

We gift them with a Christmas Miracle in the form of everything they will need to make the switch. All wrapped up with a bow and under the tree.

A Gift To Wrap

Okay so we get it. Very few people want to come into an A Clean Cigarette store and by a gift certificate. Let’s face it when we give presents we want it to be something they can unwrap and hold. A tangible item that they can see under the tree.

We can do that and here is how it works.

  • You come into the store and buy a Classic Bundle.
  • We send you home with an empty Classic Bundle Gift Box
  • You wrap it in your favorite wrapping paper
  • Your loved one unwraps it.
  • At this point, they may be skeptical, but they will try since you spent on it.
  • They come into one of our store locations and get fit for their perfect taste, hit, and nicotine level by a real smoker who has made the switch and can help them succeed.
  • We then fill the box with everything they will need: Two 320 batteries (any color) Seven Cartridges (Based on their fitting.) One USB/Wall Charger and the Full support of every ACC team member.
  • They come back to you burning tobacco-free and they thank you on a regular basis for helping to change their lives! ( I know this sounds a bit out there as far as claims but I can tell you from my own in-store experience that when smokers are successful switchers they are VERY appreciative!)

Christmas Miracle

Well now that you know how ACC can help you sprinkle a few Christmas Miracles. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the blog and we hope you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season!!




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