A beautiful walk past bubbling brooks. Another up-side to electronic cigarettes.

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hi! Dawn here reporting again from Saratoga Springs, New York. It’s one of my favorite seasons now and although the whether is getting cooler and the bright greens of spring and summer are fading I am left in awe at the beauty around us.

Walking through the Saratoga State Park and it’s beautiful natural springs is a thing of amazement. Even more so in the fall when the trees seem to be almost on fire with reds and golden browns replacing the green foliage.  I have never been blessed to see a place like this. Check out a couple of pictures of the amazing springs in all their fluid glory ⇓.


polarious gyser


The trails leading up to these springs are amazing and abundant. They seem to go on forever, but that’s okay because when walking on them who would want it to end. ⇓


trail 4 trail1 trail2


I am sure by now you are wondering what all this has to do with electronic cigarettes.  It’s simple really, while I walked I picked up cigarette butts. The pile I ended up emptying into the trash was eminence. It’s also uncalled for.

I remember when I smoked burning tobacco having to put a cigarette out about every half hour. If I happened to be out doors and not near a trash. The stinky nasty butts ended up in a pocket or on the bottom of my purse. (A purse I am sure smelled horrid to my poor loved ones)  Unfortunately not all smokers take the time to keep their butts off the ground.

I wish I had thought to take a picture of the actual butts I picked up. But it never occurred to me to want to remember that until I sat down to write my blog this evening.  We have all seen it though, trails and other great natural areas covered in cigarette butts. The picture is far from a pretty one.




That brings me to one of the many up-sides to electronic cigarettes. There are no butts.  And if you are wondering about all those spent cartridges, unlike cigarette butts, they are recyclable! Yay!recycle_Green_Arrows

It get’s even better though, if you are using A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes than you can bring your spent cartridges back to us to receive .5 cents each for them. That’s right, we pay you to recycle your cartridges. Just try to get a big burning tobacco company to do that with their butts. I’ll let you in on a not so secret secrets. They won’t do it.

So if you are a burning tobacco smoker, pick the butts up!! If you have already made the switch, Do the world a favor, recycle. If you are a burning tobacco smoker who is looking to make the switch, drop by our website at acleancigarette.com or stop into any of our 19 store locations. The coffee is hot and we will be glad to see you!

Thank you to everyone that stops into my blog. You are each appreciated! If you have any questions or blog content ideas drop me a line at AccAnswers@gmail.com! Thank you!!





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