5 questions 5 answers: It’s an e-cigarette thing.

Hello out there from A Clean Cigarette! Dawn here again and I am super happy to be here. For hundreds of years, the burning tobacco cigarette has been the only real option that nicotine addicts have had when it comes to nicotine delivery.  With the invention of the Electronic cigarette that changed. and it has changed fast too.

In just a little over a decade e-cigarettes have gone from all but unheard of, to the biggest thing to happen to nicotine delivery since, well,..the burning cigarette. In fact, as the e-cigarette industry has exploded, the burning tobacco industry, for the first time in history, seems to be feeling the proverbial heat. So much so, that the national average of smokers has fallen to an all-time low of only 16%. That’s a huge improvement over the typical 20-21 % smoking rate.

While the birth of the e-cigarette is great news for the over 6,000,000 people killed worldwide by burning tobacco each year it has left many people with questions about e-cigarettes. Today we are going to talk about five of the most common questions I hear at A Clean Cigarette. (Please keep in mind that these facts are in regards to A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes.)

1. What is a Cig-A-Like? 

             Description: A Cig-A-Like is an electronic cigarette that is designed to look, feel and hit like burning tobacco with out the burning part. When tobacco is lit on fire it produces tar and carbon monoxide. With A Clean Cigarette since nothings burning, you get a cleaner hit of your nicotine.

While it is commonly thought of as one of the first design prototypes, it’s also one of the best. And in fact, we have upgraded the technology in these units 11 times already in an effort to bring you the closest thing to a cigarette that’s available.

Cig-a-likes are comprised of closed unit disposable e-liquid cartridges and a lithium-ion battery, the Cig-A-Like is the simplest and easiest version of the electronic cigarette.


2. What is Propylene Glycol (PG)? (70% of the A Clean Cigarette brand e-liquid)

Description: A water-based compound often used in asthma inhalers and in other medications as a delivery agent.

Roll in E-juice: Delivery agent and helpful in flavor development and potency.


3. How long does an A Clean Cigarette Cartridge last? 

We want to avoid these being a future litter problem. We have a plan. :)
Disposable A Clean Cigarette nicotine cartridges. In an effort to be green we will buy these back from you when they are empty for .5 cents each. Just bring them to any A Clean Cigarette location. And NO we DO NOT refill them, we recycle them!


Answer: Each one contains puffs equivalent to a pack-pack and a half of cigarettes. How long each one last depends on the smoker!

Much like a pack of cigarettes which last some smokers a week while other smokers burn thru them in a day, cartridge length depends on use rate.  For myself, I smoked a pack to a pack and a half a day. Now that I am only smoking A Clean Cigarette I go through a cartridge a day.



4. How do I know when I need to charge my battery?

  Answer: With A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes you can tell that your e-cigarette battery is dead when the LED light on the tip quickly blinks three times. BUT here is the thing. Have you ever had a burning tobacco cigarette that has a hole in the paper right out of the pack? Then when you try to light it, no matter how hard you drag, it just won’t get you the hit you are looking for. Well, that is exactly what a hit of an A Clean Cigarette cartridge feels like to me just before my battery dies. In fact, I can tell a battery is going to die before the light ever blinks by keeping that thought in mind.

5. Do I know when I need to replace my battery?

 Answer: Not to be confused with a battery that needs charging, we are talking about a battery that needs replacing. Unfortunately, lithium ion batteries have a shelf life. The good news is that we use the best quality batteries that we can so replacement is not a situation that happens often, but it is very important that it is kept up on.

       Why? A battery that is not operating at full capacity can lead to reduced cartridge life and quality. Keeping batteries rotated can save you $$$!

       So how often is right? A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette should be replaced every 6 to 8 months depending on the level of usage. Feel free to ask your A Clean Cigarette representative for help deciding how often is best based on your current habit.

I hope these 5 quick questions and answers are helpful and if you have any questions that you would like me to answer here on the blog, drop me a line to AccAnswers@gmail.com. Also If you would like more information on the A Clean Cigarette brand of electronic cigarettes, check out our website at http://www.acleancigarette.com.

Thank-you so much for stopping in and remember if you would like to swing by and see me at our newest store location. I can be found @ 17oo E. Apple Ave, Muskegon, Mi. The Coffee is on and I love to chat! See ya next week!





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