2019 Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

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Hey guys and gals! It’s that time again! Pretty much every Christmas I try to come up with a fun contest. Some of you may remember a few of them. Sometimes it’s you guys posting pics. Like last year’s Christmas bulb contest. And other times it’s about getting to know us. Like in the Store Video contest from a couple years ago. This year is all about getting folks to laugh because I feel like a good laugh (at A Clean Cigarette team members) may be exactly what we all need! So welcome to the ACC Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest!

The rules

Okay so here is how this is going to go. First, I’m going to post all the pictures below. I will also be posting all the pictures on our Facebook page. You will have to go to our Facebook page to vote on which ugly sweater you like the best. You can vote as many times as you’d like and you can share your page but only the votes on the A Clean Cigarette main headquarters page post will count.

What do they win?

Bragging rights and a cup of coffee? Maybe a cookie? Lol, it might not seem like a lot but believe me when I say that around here bragging rights are worth a lot! Lol

Okay, let’s get this contest started!

2019 Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest


First up is Rich from our Midland store. No one can say Rich doesn’t know how to rock out an Ugly Christmas Sweater!


Second, in the queue is Miss Lori from our Bay Road store in Saginaw. She is definitely rocking an adorable Ugly Sweater look!


Miss Karen from our Muskegon Store is full of Ugly Christmas Sweater puppy power! Ruff-Ruff, Jingle Jingle!


Zack from our Charlotte Store has no problem being fashion-forward even in an Ugly Christmas sweater. Looking good Zack!


Miss Chelly is not a face we get to see around here very often. She may work in the back office but without her, we could not do what we do. Rock on with that Ugly Sweater Chelly!


Miss Lori from our Owosso Store location is a little fire-cracker! This spitfire is as fun to be around as it gets and her Ugly Christmas Sweater holds no punches in the fun department!


Mr. Tylor out of our Muskegon Store looks like he is ready for a beachside vacation! Looking sunny and warm Ty!

You may have seen Dee around at our Bay Road store in Saginaw, or you may have spoken to her when dealing with our shipping dept. Either way, Dee is kicking it in this Holiday delight!


When Dustin decides to do something he does it all the way! This full in look even includes a few of last years ACC Christmas bulbs!


(This pic not eligible for the contest.) If you have been around the blog and our FB for a while you may recognize these to powerhouses from our Dustin and Dee Videos. If you are like me and you miss seeing them!


Not sure if you recognize this crazy lady and her crazy Ugly Christmas Sweater! If not that’s okay it’s just me getting into the Holiday spirit!

So there you have it. All of the magnificent ugly sweaters at their finest. Be sure to stop into our FB Page to vote for your favorites! Happy Voting and thanks for stopping by!



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